Arts Gallery at Silom complex

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In This post i am trying to Share some picture of Our Arts Gallery at Silom Complex.

In this cabinet you can see very fine detail Lost Wax Statue of Ganesha, Kharacheri, Mahakala and many more. Please see previous Blog post to read about information on these statues.

If you are interested to visit our gallery. you are welcome.
Silom Complex 3rd fl. RM#320 (in front of Thanachart Bank)
Mobile 087-0426994

Statue of Green Tara , White Tara and Vajrasatwa.

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Om Mani Padme Hum Bangle

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OM MANI PADME HUM Well you have already read the meaning of the "OM MANI PADAME HUM" in this Blog. If you are new reader of this blog you may like to know what is the meaning of the "OM MANI PADAME HUM", simply translate as : 'Hail, the jewel in the lotus' is a six syllable invocation or Mantra originates form Chenrezig, the Tibetan name for the Bodhisatva of Compassion (Sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara, one who is invoked as the Protector from danger.)

One can find this Mantra inscribed outwardly in the prayer wheels with millions of this mantra inscribed on scroll of paper inside the prayer wheels. The devotee turning one round of the prayer wheel means he recites this mantra millions of times. As this mantra is thought to save one from all dangers, it is widely used in pendants, rings, Bangles etc.

So let's back to the topic , i would like to share some nice hand made 92.5% Silver Bangles and rings with inscribed Mantra "OM MANI PADAME HUM". Also read previous Post where i have post Some Bangles inscribed Green Tara Mantra "OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA".

This Bangles and rings inscribed with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, and is believed to save one from all dangers and bring plenty of good luck to the wearer. It also brings the luck of good health and peace. This Bangles and rings are available in our Dharma Shop with very reasonable price. Also We have Bangle that inscribe with other mantra ie: "Om Namo Shivaye" (Shiva Mantra) "OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA" (Tara Mantra).

Avalokiteshvara has been regarded as the most important Bodhisatwa of Tibet, the essence of speech of all Buddha’s and the manifestation of their compassion. It is claimed that one who recites "OM MANI PADAME HUM" mantra will be saved from all dangers and will be protected. This mantra is widely used in Mahayana Buddhism.

Meaning* of Mantra "OM MANI PADAME HUM"

OM encloses the dimensions of Body, Speech and Spirit. Often in life we experience disturbances and negative emotions which draw us away from our true nature. The Om gives us the possibility to transform this into pureness.
Om also can be translates as the essence of all enlightened form.
MANI means Jewel that stands for love and compassion (these two make everything possible and are a real jewel.)
PADME is Lotus, the flower that grows on the water and that shows everything exactly as it is; a vision in reality. The flower of wisdom and understanding (insight).
HUM represents the spirit of enlightenment. The effect is stabilization and purifying of the spirit.
Visit this post to read Meaning of Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum

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Vajradhara The Thunderbolt-bearer

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Vajradhara [Adi-Buddha] [Thunderbolt-bearer]

Symbol: Vajra [thunderbolt], ghanta [bell]

Mudra: vajra-hum-kara Color: dark blue Shakti: Prajnaparamita

Vajradhara, the 'Indestructible', lord of all mysteries, master of all secrets, is an exoteric representation of Adi-Buddha ( in vajrayana, Adi Buddha is regarded as the highest deity of the Buddhist pantheon), and in this form is believed to reign over the Easter Quarter. According to Mahayana school, it is to Vajradhara that the subdued and conquered evil spirits swear allegiance and renounce all active opposition to the Buddhist faith.

Certain Lamaist sects identified Vajradhara with Vajrasattva , while others looked upon Vajrasattva as an active form of Vajradhara, who was too lost in divine quietude to occupy him directly with the affairs of sentient beings. Others again worshipped Vajradhara as a supreme deity distinct and apart from Vajrasattva. The two greatest sects of Mahayana school: Kargyu-pa and Gelugs-pa acknowledged Vajradhara as supreme, and looked upon as Adi-Buddha.

Vajradhara is always represented seated, with lotus posture and wears the Boddhisattva crown as well as dress and ornaments. His arms are crossed on his breast in the vajra-hum-kara mudra holding The Vajra and Ghanta . He is in dark blue color (see the picture).

Vajradhara is the primordial buddha, the dharmakaya buddha and is regarded as the highest deity in the Buddhist pantheon. Vajradhara, expresses the quintessence of buddhahood itself. Vajradhara represents the essence of the historical Buddha's realization of enlightenment.

READ MORE AT Adi-Buddha Vajradhara  

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Kathmandu Valley in Picture

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It's been long time i'm thinking about share this pictures.I took them while i was in Nepal last time. These pictures was saved in my computer from long time. I think it's time to share these pictures in Blog. I have already share picture with readers in mydziblog . So this updated  new post just only for readers at with some more new pictures (last 3 pictures Source internet) . These are only few Pictures from My Travel. First Picture is from BUDDHA PARK (behind the Swayembhunath Stupa) . Three Big Statues of Khara cheri, Amitava Buddha and Padama Sambhava in Buddha Park. All the statues Sitting in meditation position 1000 Buddha Stupa ( left of three statues) with 1000 Buddha statues. This Stupa Is Very Well Done . there is a Buddha statue in each small hole(click the Image to see detail). This Picture is from Pancha deval in Nepal Pashupati nath temple area. Bouddhanath Stupa, surrounded by Prayer Flags. Wall Painting at monestry at Bouddhanath . View BOUDDHANATH STUPA : in a panographie view

View from Swayembhu Nath In Kathmandu .It's very Nice Temple in Patan City above and Some Other Picture of Kathmandu Valley

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