Ganesha Body Symbol

posted on 05 Apr 2009 20:22 by dzibeads in Dharma
Ganesha is worshipped as lord of wisdom, success, patron of arts and sciences, beginnings and as the lord of defender. Also Ganesha regarded as remover of all kind of obstacles from devotee's way ( Read my Previous Post Ganesha The God of Wisdom). I think most of you know about it. Did you read the post about 32 forms of Ganesha? If not I will recommend you to read 32 Forms Of Ganesh Book in this blog, because today i am going to share some Symbol meaning of the body parts and gestures of Lord Ganesha.
All of us know that Ganesha has elephant head with only one tusk, fat and has big belly, his mount is rat (mooshika) and many more. Have you ever think what is the meaning of the these symbols? Many of us don't know what is the meaning of all this things. So Lets see the pictures below

Ganesha Symbolism
Big Head: - Think Big
Large Ears: - Listen More
Small eyes: - Concentrate
Small Mouth: - Talk Less
Trunk: - high efficiency and adaptability
Large Stomach – Peacefully digest all good and bad in life.
One tusk: - retain good throw away bad Sweets or Modaka: - rewards of Sadhana , a symbol of what He loves most, moksha, liberation, the sweetest of all things sweet.
Blessing: - Bless and protects on spiritual path to supreme
Axe: - To cut off all bonds of attachment
Rope: - To pull you nearer to the highest goal
Prasad: - The whole world is at your feet and for your asking
Mouse: - Desire, unless under control can cause havoc you ride the desire and keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you for a ride. The mouse has a keen sense of smell. The mouse also symbolizes the darkness of night. The mouse can see well in the dark. As Vinayaka's vehicle the mouse signifies an object that leads man from darkness to light.
Picture above Ganesha Symbolism Source Angel Fire

12 Ganesha form out of 32 Ganesha
1.Bal Ganapati 2. Taruna Ganapati 3. Bhakti Ganapati 4. Vira Ganapati 5. Shakti Ganapati 6. Dvija Ganapati 7. Siddhi Ganapati 8. Ucchhishta Ganapati 9. Vighna Ganapati 10. Kshipra Ganapati 11. Heramba Ganapati 12. Lakshmi Ganapati

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