Did you know meaning of Phoolko Aankhama

posted on 05 Apr 2009 17:23 by dzibeads in Music
It's been while i have not posting post about ani Choying Drolma. So today I would like to post a video , where she translate a Nepali Song " Phoolko Aankhama.." , album "Moments Of Bliss". Visit Ani Choying Drolma to know about other albums by Ani Choying Drolma. Lets enjoy this video

English Translation For The "Phoolko Aankhama..." Read Below
in the eyes of a flower, the world is flower
in the eyes of a throne, the world is a throne
the shadow resembles, how the object is.
in the eyes of a throne, the world is a throne
may my heart be pure and my speech buddha
may my feet never even kill any insects
beautiful eyes shows you beautiful samsara
in the eyes of a throne, the world is a throne

This video is originally posted at youtube by ohedition. This is one of my best video too. but when i see the meaning of the "Phoolko aankhama" Then i thought of edit this as you saw ..
have you ever listen Song "Phoolko Aankhama.."? if NO! then lets Start Playing This Song ( Tips: Turn off another player on right sidebar, which playing Tara Mantra, then click play button to this player)

Phoolko Aankhama - Ani Choying Dolma

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Hi Everone
First time I listend this song in a chanting meeting of Daimaku by some guests from Nepal and Assam. On that time I don't understant anything or meaning of a single work because I don't know Nepali, But I was feeling a divine power and very nice and peace of mind from listening this song. I was feeling that like I am floating in the lyrics of this song. 
<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>I took a hard copy of this song from that guests and searched on the internet then I got it is a very soulful song and videos of this song with meaning. My wish come true. I don't have words to describe that so nice feeling I was smiling to listening of this song and feeling like I won the world. 
<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Really I am blessed that god choose me too for listen this song.....open-mounthed smile  Thank u so much god.......open-mounthed smile

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