Vajradhara The Thunderbolt-bearer

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Vajradhara [Adi-Buddha] [Thunderbolt-bearer]

Symbol: Vajra [thunderbolt], ghanta [bell]

Mudra: vajra-hum-kara Color: dark blue Shakti: Prajnaparamita

Vajradhara, the 'Indestructible', lord of all mysteries, master of all secrets, is an exoteric representation of Adi-Buddha ( in vajrayana, Adi Buddha is regarded as the highest deity of the Buddhist pantheon), and in this form is believed to reign over the Easter Quarter. According to Mahayana school, it is to Vajradhara that the subdued and conquered evil spirits swear allegiance and renounce all active opposition to the Buddhist faith.

Certain Lamaist sects identified Vajradhara with Vajrasattva , while others looked upon Vajrasattva as an active form of Vajradhara, who was too lost in divine quietude to occupy him directly with the affairs of sentient beings. Others again worshipped Vajradhara as a supreme deity distinct and apart from Vajrasattva. The two greatest sects of Mahayana school: Kargyu-pa and Gelugs-pa acknowledged Vajradhara as supreme, and looked upon as Adi-Buddha.

Vajradhara is always represented seated, with lotus posture and wears the Boddhisattva crown as well as dress and ornaments. His arms are crossed on his breast in the vajra-hum-kara mudra holding The Vajra and Ghanta . He is in dark blue color (see the picture).

Vajradhara is the primordial buddha, the dharmakaya buddha and is regarded as the highest deity in the Buddhist pantheon. Vajradhara, expresses the quintessence of buddhahood itself. Vajradhara represents the essence of the historical Buddha's realization of enlightenment.

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