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Amitabha ChartAmitabha is the most ancient Buddha among the five Dhyani buddha. He said to reside in the shukhavati heaven in peaceful meditation. The name Amitabha means "Infinite Light." Amitabha's Discriminating Wisdom conquers the poison of the passions--all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust. With this wisdom, the disciple discerns all beings separately yet knows every being as an individual expression of the One.

In the mandala of the Dhyani Buddhas or in Stupa, Amitabha is positioned to the west. His color is rose (red), the color of the setting sun. He rules over the element of fire and personifies the skandha of perception. Thus, the eye and the faculty of seeing are associated with Amitabha. The peacock, with "eyes" on its plumes, is his throne-bearer or vehicle. The peacock symbolizes grace.

Once Avalokiteshvara fainted, Buddha Amitabha said to him, "My son where has your courage, your mental strength gone?" Amitabha picked up all the pieces of Avlokiteshwor's body and the head. At the same time he said, "this happened because of your prayer. You deserve the praise of all Buddhas since your prayer was efficacious. However, noble son! Don’t worry." Read full story of Dhyani Buddha Amitabha .

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