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Ratnasambhava is regarded as third dhyani Buddha in order after Vairochana and Akshobhya.
His recongition symbol is the jewel. The name Ratnasambhava means "the Jewel-born One" or "Origin of Jewels." The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.
The Buddha is the Enlightened One, the Guru, the hub of the wheel of the Law. The Dharma is the Teaching, or the Law. The Sangha is the Community. Ratnasambhava transmutes the poison of pride (spiritual, intellectual and human pride) into the Wisdom of Equality. Tibetan Buddhists teach that with the Wisdom of Equality one sees all things with divine impartiality and recognizes the divine equality of all beings. One sees all beings and the Buddha as having the same nature--a condition we need, says Tucci. Ratnasambhava is the Dhyani Buddha of the south. His color is yellow, the color of the sun in its zenith. Ratnasambhava rules over the element of earth and embodies the skandha of feeling or sensation.
He is sometimes shown holding his symbol, the ratna (jewel) or chintamani (wish-fulfilling jewel that grants all desires). The chintamani is a symbol of the liberated mind. The ratna is often depicted in a threefold form as the triratna signifying the union of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. In the mandala the triratna is positioned between Ratnasambhava and Vairochana.
The animal that upholds Ratnasambhava's throne is the horse, denoting impetus and liberation. Ratnasambhava's mudra, formed here by his right hand, is the gesture of giving (varada mudra), signifying his gift of the Buddhist teachings. The gesture of giving, or charity, which portrays him offering compassion and protection to his disciples. He resides in the pure abode of Ratnavati heaven (buddha field).
His bija is Tram and his mantra is Om Ratnasambhava Tram.

Thanka painting in this post (below) is a very good reproduction of 12th  century Newari thanka. thanka below left is The original Thanka Height 41cm(16 inches) and right thanka is reproductuion, available in our Store. Click Picture to see detail.
This painting is one of three existing works from a well-known set of Jina Buddhas, created by Newar artists for their Tibetan patrons. Ratnasambhava Newar artist in Central Tibet Ca. first quarter of 12th century Opaque stone color with gold on cotton canvas H: 16 1/8 in. (41 cm) W: 13 in. (33 cm) Los Angeles County Museum of Art, from the Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection, purchased with funds provided by the Jane and Justin Dart Foundation (M.81.90.5) Original Thanka Picture Source. Also Recommend Book Sacred Visions, Early Paintings from Central Tibet

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