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 Who is Dakini? Dakini is the fully enlightened female, wild, fiery, and energetic aspect of a Buddha. The wisdom aspect leading to Buddhahood a principal dakini (Tib: mKha' gro; "sky-goer") the compassionate guiding and inspirational aspect leading the practitioner to enlightenment. There are many dakinis, Vajrayogini or Vajravarahi is most important and first rank among the dakinis. (Painting on right is Painted by Andy Weber . visit his web sites to see All his Art work) .

In Anuttara Yoga Tantra the principal dakini (often called "Vajra" or "Wisdom-dakini") is mostly shown in union with a male consort, like in the deities Guhyasamaja, Hevajra, Kalachakra, etc. Vajrayogini/Vajravarahi is the principal female buddha in the Chakrasamvara Tantra and is in union with Heruka Chakrasamvara. Since the Vajradakinis are considered buddhas and yidams (Sanskrit :Istadeva) in their own right over time several spin-off practices have evolved from those practices simplifying the otherwise complicated main practice and reducing it to a single-deity meditation without dropping the principal aspects/benefits of the main practice (e.g. Vajrayogini/Vajravarahi out of Chakrasamvara and Nairatmya out of Hevajra).
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