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Manjushree embodies wisdom aspect of an enlightened mind. Manjushree has the ability to discriminate correct views of reality as it is. In order to benefit the sentient beings. He belongs to the group of eight Dhyani-Boddhisattva, and is therefore represented like a prince with all the Boddhisattva ornaments. He sometime has a small image of Dhyani-Buddha Akshobhya in his crown. Manjusri is worshiped in different forms and name. Like he is in one form found seated on lion is known as Manjughosa.

Manjughosa is golden yellow in colour and rides on a lion. He is decked in all sorts of bodhisattva ornaments and his hands exhibit dharma-cakra mudra. He displays an utpala flower in his left hand and bears an image of Akshobhya on his crown. He is invoked by his popular mantra "Om vagisvara Muh". Also Read  MANJU SHREE