Ganesh's 32 Forms Pictures

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As we know there is 32 forms of Ganesh. please see my old post about 32 names of Ganesh . In that post I have only intrudce 32 names of Ganesh . So many friends Email me and ask If there is a Pictures for the 32 forms of ganesha. So I search for the pictures of 32 ganesha .finally I found a book in thai language about 32 forms of ganesh. Which you can buy from all thailand book store and All Nepal arts gallery Branches . Here I have post Picture of Book for you.

Ganesha is known as "siddhi data" or bestower of success in work. Ganesha is worshiped as the lord of wisdom and success, beginings and as the lord of defender and remover of obstacles, and patron of arts and sciences. Read more about Ganesh in my old post Ganesha The God of Wisdom .

1. Bala Ganapati
Bala Ganapati is "the Childlike" God of golden hue. In His hands He holds a banana, mango, sugar cane and jackfruit, all representing the earth's abundance and fertility. His trunk garners His favorite sweet, the Laddu. He is in red colored image of a four armed Ganesha
2. Taruna Ganapati
Eight-armed, Taruna Ganapati, "the Youthful," holds a noose and goad, modaka, wood apple, rose apple, His broken tusk, a sprig of paddy and a sugar cane stalk. His brilliant red color reflects the blossoming of youth. Red colored image of an eight armed Ganesha.

3. Bhakti Ganapati

Shining like the full moon during harvest season and garlanded with flowers, Bhakti Ganapati, dear to devotees, is indeed pleasant to look upon. He holds a banana, a mango, coconut and a bowl of sweet payasa pudding.
4. Vira Ganapati

The "Valiant Warrior," Vira Ganapati, assumes a commanding pose. His 16 arms bristle with weapons, symbols of mind powers: a goad, discus, bow, arrow, sword, shield, spear, mace, a battle axe, a trident and more.
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5. Shakti Ganapati
Four-armed and seated with one of His shaktis on His knee, Shakti Ganapati, "the Powerful," of orange-red hue, guards the householder. He holds a garland, noose and goad, and bestows blessings with the abhaya mudra.
6. Dvija Ganapati
Four-headed Dvija Ganapati, "the Twice-born," is moon-like in color. Holding a noose, a goad, an ola leaf scripture, a staff, water vessel and a his japa beads, He reminds one and all of the urgency for disciplined striving. White colored image of four faced Ganesha with 4 arms.
This is only Six Ganesha Form VISIT HERE for other Ganesha Pictures and details. 32 Forms Of Ganesh Book

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