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Nepal Arts Gallery Exhibition Concluded


We would like to thank all of our valuable customers who have visited LIVE THANKA Exhibition AT SILOM COMPLEX  undergoing here in Silom Complex. Also, we would like to heartly welcome all other customers who are intending to visit the exhibition on very final day i.e. 14th Jan, 2008, Tuesday (Today).

Through this exhibition, we, Nepal Arts Gallery want to give you all the informations about the goods we present to you all. The general history and the ritual and moral values of the goods. We always try to connect you and you soul to peace and comfort. Most of all, we present you the art of Thanka painting live here in the exhibition. Our Thanka artist Mr. Prem Kumar Lama  came here all the way from Kathmandu and presented how Thanka is prepared in the canvas, the outlining and bordering and finally fill in the colors of peace and prosperous. Personally, I would like to call the art of painting Thanka is merely not only the art and creativity but also the strength of concentration that we get from meditating and worshiping the god.

We present you many other things like dzibeads, statues, pashmina and Thai silk which has their own history and carrie their own moral and ritual values.

As today, 14th January is the last day of exhibition, we would like to invite all our costumers to come and fell the peace and prosperous that can sooth you mind and soul.




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Nepal Is Very Beautiful my friend big smile

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I want go to Nepal .
but .......
I don't have money.

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