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We all worship Ganesha as "siddhi data" or bestower of success in work. Ganesha is worshipped as the lord of wisdom and success, beginnings and as the lord of defender and remover of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences.(Read my Privious Post about The God of Wisdom, Ganesha )
Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify. His elephant head has only one full tusk, while other is broken. He said to have lost it in a fight with Parashuram. It's also said that he broke it to write The Mahabharat to the dictation of sage "Vyasa" ( Read More About Ganesha's Broken Tusk) . Many of us know That Ganesha has Elephant head but very few know why he have elephant head. there are many story about Ganesha's elephant head. Here i am going to share one of the popular story in Nepal about Ganesha's Head. The birth of Ganesha is celebrated as a divine twist of fate.
The most popular myth brings alive the story about the elephant head.

It all began when Parvati was all alone while Lord Shiva away from home for long, long time. She feel bored and unsafe since there was no one at hand, she created a guard with the sweat and oils from her body. She brought the figure of a young man to life And Given the name Ganesh. One day, Parvati went for bathe. She needed privacy told Ganesh to stand guard while she bathed. When Shiva, returned from long journey and strode towards their home, he found his way blocked by an unknown young man. The young Ganesh blocked Shiva’s entry. Shiva was furious, a battle began. The Ganesh fought well, but was no match against the might of Shiva, who killed him. Then Shiva Entered home and tell Parvati about What happen and ask who is the young man. Parvati replied The young man is Our son and went out and saw the dead body, she demanded he be brought back to life.
GANESH THANKA Shiva came to know Ganesh was his own son. Shiva sent his hordes to collect the head of the first living being, who was sleeping with head facing north. The north was associated with wisdom, and was also the direction from which the Aryans had invaded. Shiva's Hordes went to the north, They found an elephant (Airawat), While Airawat slept facing the north, Shiva’s hordes beheaded him. Airawat, Indra’s white elephant paid the price for Shiva’s mistake. His elephant head was carried away for the dead body.

GANESH THANKAAn incensed Parvati demanded that her child be promoted to the status of a primary god. Shiva and all the other gods knew this was the only way they could placate her and Ganesha took his place before all the gods. (About Ganesh took his place before all the gods There different Story which I will share you very soon.) So from then all rituals begin with the worship of Ganesha. His image invokes the universe, his head signifies wisdom and his body is globular( round), Vishwaroopa. Ganesha represents the majesty of the animal kingdom with his head and his vehicle the mouse shows subjugation of pestilent rats. This year is Also Rat year in Chinese Zodiac.
Rat is vehicle of ganesh.Many People believe that this year worship Ganesha will effective two times then any other year.
Worship ganesh brings good luck, removing all obstacles and success in all fields. Search More post about other Gods

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