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This is one of the many forms of Avalokiteshvara comprising 108 as depicted in the Kanak Caitya Mahavihara of Kathmandu.
He manifests in many forms in order to help sentient beings. His 1,000-armed form is described as follows:
His body is white. He has 1,000 arms and one thousand eyes. However his original two hands and two eyes are not included. Out of 1,000 arms of Avalokiteshvara, 38 arms of this lokeshvara are depicted with various symbols or emblems

Sometimes he is depicted with emblems with eight arms only carrying rosary, disc, varada mudra and jewel with his right hands and lotus, bow, vase and clapping Ratna with his left hands. He wears antilope skin on his shoulders symbolizing compassionate nature. He wears all the bodhisattva ornaments

Story Of 1,000 Arms
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara made the commitment in front of Buddha Amitabha to intentionally manifest into the three realms of samsara in order to liberate all sentient beings from samsara and to be their supreme guide. He also vowed that if by chance his compassion and courageous mind of mercy for like earrings, and so on. He has eleven heads. The eleventh one being his spritual sire Buddha Amitabha. It is said that sentient beings were to decrease, then let his head and body just completely crack and fall into one thousand pieces.Receiving blessings from Buddha Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara went through universal manifestations into the three realms of samsara.

Thereby he went to Hell and emancipated them from both the hot and cold hells by teaching Om mani pad me hung. He in turn went to ghost realm, human, Asura and Deva realms to free the sentient beings from their respective suffering. He absolutely emptied the ocean of suffering. Following which he went back to Buddha Amitabha and declared that the liberation had been effected. Buddha Amitabha said to him, "you should look again, look back again and again into the world." And as he did, there he saw once again that sentient beings were in samsara and in sorrow, he became so disappointed when he saw the sight. On his enlightened thought (Bodhicitta) decreased in the moment and he lost his courage. He became disappointed in the very presence of Buddha Amitabha.
He felt how could the time come to liberate all sentient beings for ever from this type of condition. And instantly when Contuine Reading....





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