What is Thangka Painting ?

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Many friends ask me about what is the Thanka painting? so i just finished a blog post about Thangka painting in my other blog. So in this post you will read only short meaning of what is Thangka, to read more i recommend you to visit my another blog (link for What Is thanka is below).
Thangka or Thanka is a type of painting executed on cotton canvas and often framed with silk. They depict images of different gods, goddesses, and significant philosophy related to Buddhism which was hung in a monastery or a family altar and carried by lamas in ceremonial processions.
In Tibetan the word 'thang' means flat and the suffix 'ka' stands for painting.
The Thangka is thus a kind of painting done on flat surface but which can be rolled up when not required for display.
The most common shape of a Thangka is the upright rectangular form.
How to make Shading and Color Gradations in Thangka
Thangka painting is divided into five categories

How to Outlining and Finishing....

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Sacred Buddhist Painting "Thangka"
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