Stone Hand Carved Statue

posted on 09 Jul 2007 20:50 by dzibeads in STATUEs
All of these items come from private collector in Kathmandu.These statues are hand carved on Torquise (torquise new stone). Painted by natural stone color and gold leaf.

Jambala : God of Welth and good fortune . Riding white snow lion. worship Jambala means all kind of good fortunes and money come to your way. About jambala i have post before on this post . (Click Back Buttonto visit in this window again)

mothere godess with three head

Shakya muni buddha Chakra samvar with Consert (Shakti ) Maitrya Buddha (future buddha) in Sitting position. plz reffer my old post . (Click Back to come back to this page again). On the base of statue is Famous Mantra " OM MANI PADME HUM " if you want to listen this mantra plz click here . Print This Page




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