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Ancient and pure dzi beads of Tibet are extremely precious and rare. No matter how many or how few eyes they bear, all Dzi beads possess the mystic power of bringing luck, warding off evil, stabilizing blood pressure, guarding against apoplexy and enhancing body strength. Owners and wearers of these beads are blessed with unexpected credit, luck and perfection. Dzi beads are unique collectibles. Many friends asked How to know Real Dzi beads, So i would like to share This Few tips to know Real dzi beads from Dzi Of Tibet
1.Weathering Marks are signs of aging. They best represent the age of a Dzi. If we examine a Dzi under magnifying glass, we will discover tiny lines of different thickness running irregularly and spontaneously on its surface. These are weathering marks. They resemble either fish scales or phoenix claws.
2. Sheen:- Age and natural weathering might result in a slightly rugged patina that confuses the reflective light. We can see with our naked eye that there seems to be a layer of oil on the surface of the Dzi. We can call this "oily sheen". Some particularly bright oily sheen can be called "waxy sheen".

3. Cinnabar Dots "Cinnabar Dots" are in fact red speckles that grow from within the body of the Dzi to its surface. Not every Dzi has cinnabar dots, and dzi with such dots are not necessarily good qulity Dzi. This is the often used as a criterion to identify old Dzi beads.

4. Crystal and Natural streaks Although the Crystal and natural streaks will affect the grade and price of Dzi bead, but its a rarity among new dzi.

OLD Dzi Bead With Crystal
5. Dig marks for medicinal useDzi bead is a precious medicinal ingredient in Tibet, they chipped off in the corner for medicinal use. Usually, the new dzi bead are perfect in condition, they never spend time to do this. If dig marks are not doing well, the result is break.

Visit Source: DZI OF TIBET

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big smile you can clean Dzi beads yourself at home, with pure water may be direct from tap water or any holy water. just wash your dzi beads.
best regards

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Melvin here. thanks for your explaination, but you were saying dzi bead has to clean very often, what does that mean? I bought mine at a shop and they ask me to pray to a buddha when i first hold the dzi bead after they clean it. i thought this was all the cleaning done.Do i have to go back the shop there to clean again after two three weeks???embarrassed

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HI Friends,
Thanks for visit this blog and i appreciate your Comments. Thanks Redbear, Frank and melvin smilly also thanks to all the readers.

melvin smilly When you wear dzi beads, i think it does not matter if it is touched by other people. It's up to you, how you feel when someone touch your beads.
For me i don't mind if Someone like to see beads that i wore in my neck and braclets. But i really don't like when they try to hold without asking me angry smile.
So I think it is ok to touch Beads by other people. but you have to clean your dzi beads very often please read my other post to know how to clean dzi beads.

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Hi, Is it true that once you wear the eyed dzi and it cannot be touch by other person including your family members???embarrassed

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Thank you for sharing useful information on tibetan buddhism and arts big smile

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